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Amtrak 1973 Form 02 Ticket Penn Central Newark, NJ
7-19-73 Newark - Kingston, RI
Item: 200812200494D8D64C7DAD
AffiliationAmtrakTypeCoupon TicketQuantity1
Size8" x 3.5"Year1973  
Amtrak 1975 Form 472 Two Coupon Pass Ticket
No. 472 093 522 Ft. Madison to Chillicothe
Item: 2010121804D0D5FF780F04
AffiliationAmtrakTypeCoupon TicketQuantity1
Size7.75" x 3.25"Year1975  
ARR Streamliner Inaugural Trip Souvenir Ticket Book
United State Department of the Interior Alaska RR
Item: 2012030504F55136F948CF
AffiliationARRTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 3.25"YearN/A  
Alaska RR Unused Form L-23-1 Gateway Tour Ticket Book
No. 78 RT Anchorage to Seward Including Bus
Item: 2012030504F54C5B04D4EA
AffiliationARRTypeRailroad Book TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.5"YearN/A  
ATSF 1948 Form CR 244 Coach Reservation Coupon
For SP Train #99, Car 12, Seat 29 8-1-1948
Item: 2009090704AA55BED25664
AffiliationATSFTypeCoach ReservationQuantity2
Size2.5" x 6"Year1948  
ATSF 1948 Form 1363 Rt Round Trip First Class Ticket
No. 10414 To San Francisco, Cal. and Return
Item: 2009090704AA5620707CE9
AffiliationATSFTypeStrip TicketsQuantity2
Size2.75" x 14.75"Year1948  
ATSF 1953 Form 644 E.F. El Capitan Extra Fare Ticket
No. 457944 Agent's Coupon Newton - Barstow
Item: 2009081804A8B7462B2CCC
AffiliationATSFTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 5.125"Year1953  
ATSF 1957 Form B-14 El Capitan Extra Fare Ticket
No. 25267 Agent's Coupon Kansas City - Chicago
Item: 2009081804A8B735987CE4
AffiliationATSFTypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6"Year1957  
ATSF Santa Fe Railroad 1967 Form B-1 Ticket Book
No. AF 86812 - Santa Fe the Chief Way
Item: 2011012704D42591460EA3
AffiliationATSFTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1967  
ATSF Santa Fe 1967 Form B-7 Passenger's Coupon
No. A 65699 Santa Fe the Chief Way
Item: 2009110404AF1B719D6BA8
AffiliationATSFTypeBook TicketsQuantity2
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1967  
ATSF 1967 Form 2 Agent's Coupon
No. 80555 Salina, Kansas - Dallas Round Trip
Item: 2009081804A8B758744F1C
AffiliationATSFTypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6.125"Year1967  
ATSF Santa Fe Railroad 1968 Form B-2 Passenger's Coupon
No. AD 7026 - Santa Fe the Chief Way
Item: 2011012704D42551F0F679
AffiliationATSFTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1968  
ATSF 1969 Form SC-2 Passenger's Coupon
No. 1034
Item: 2009081804A8B7522D1A73
AffiliationATSFTypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6"Year1969  
Boston & Maine Unused Form F.C. Skl. 7659-6 RT Parlor
No. 7543 - Unused, but punched
Item: 2010122104D1188CBDFAC6
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 16.75"YearN/A  
Boston & Maine Unused Form F.C. Spl. P. 100 Pullman
No. 430 - Unused, but punched - Marked w/ Pencil
Item: 2010122104D118735465D5
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size8" x 3"YearN/A  
Boston & Maine Unused Form P.S.C.-1 Parlor Car Ticket
No. 11025 - Unused, but punched - Marked w/ Pencil
Item: 2010122104D117EBE1D570
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity5
Size2.75" x 7.25"YearN/A  
Boston & Maine Unused Form PSC 55 Supplemental Ticket
No. 809 - Unused, but punched Boston, Mass.
Item: 2010122104D117D963D109
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity2
Size2.75" x 8.25"YearN/A  
Boston & Maine Unused Form RT P1B Parlor Car Ticket
No. 506 - Unused, but punched Round Trip
Item: 2010122104D1185A22FC16
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 4"YearN/A  
Boston & Maine Unused Form DLRT-2 Round Trip Ticket
Sample Ticket - Marked and Punched VOID
Item: 2010122104D118A8818FA5
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 16.875"YearN/A  
Boston & Maine Unused Form PC-1G Parlor Car Seat Ticket
No. 6611 - Unused, but punched - U.S. Government
Item: 2009101704ADA72740080C
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity8
Size2.25" x 5.375"YearN/A  
Boston & Maine Unused Form PC-1 Parlor Car Seat Ticket
No. 2923 - Unused, but punched
Item: 2009101704ADA71537660B
AffiliationB&MTypeStrip TicketsQuantity3
Size2.25" x 5"YearN/A  
B&O 1944 Form R.B.-5 P.C. Seat Passenger's Check
No. A 43337 Cincinnati, O. to Detroit, Mich.
Item: 2009122404B3446C2630DD
AffiliationB&OTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.625" x 2.625"Year1944  
B&O Railroad 1951 Form CRM-1 Coach Reservation Coupon
No. 9879 Route of the Diesel-Power Streamliners
Item: 2012062604FEA8A389EBC8
AffiliationB&OTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size4.5" x 2.75"Year1951  
Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) 1957 Form 6 Passenger's Receipt
No. A 24434 - Route of the Diesel Streamliners
Item: 2010122904D1BE49556428
AffiliationB&OTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.25" x 2.75"Year1957  
Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) 1957 Form 3 Passenger's Receipt
No. 3A 50873 - Route of the Diesel Streamliners
Item: 2010122904D1BE45E00580
AffiliationB&OTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.25" x 2.75"Year1957