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EL Unused Form EF1 Extra Fare via Santa Fe Lines Ticket
No. 59929 - The Chief, Super Chief or El Capitan
Item: 2009112404B0C259BEA20D
AffiliationELTypeStrip TicketsQuantity4
Size2.375" x 10"YearN/A  
EL Unused Form FPR-2 RT Family Excursion Ticket
No. 73070 - Agent's Stub, Going and Return Coupon
Item: 2009112404B0C2A225D55D
AffiliationELTypeStrip TicketsQuantity10
Size2.375" x 12.25"YearN/A  
Erie Unused Form C.T.C. 3-Part Train Check
No. D 30524 Train, Identification and Passenger's
Item: 2009090804AA6DCE827528
AffiliationErieTypeConductor TicketsQuantity4
Size4.5" x 3.25"YearN/A  
Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf Unused Form S 1 Ticket
To the Illinois Central via Fernwood, Miss.
Item: 2009081604A88C54BE7CC2
AffiliationFC&GTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 14.5"YearN/A  
FF. CC. Nacionales De Mexico 1961 Form CL-1 Seat Check
Serie A No. 27943 Mexico to Apizaco
Item: 2010011404B4F802B0FBD4
AffiliationFNdeMTypePullman Conductor MexicanQuantity2
Size3.125" x 3.375"Year1961  
Frisco 1952-1953 Annual Pass Good Over Entire System
No. A 4530 For Mr. J. B. Drake, Jr. The Pullman Co
Item: 201403080531B35BC79C59
AffiliationFriscoTypeRailroad Annual System PassesQuantity1
Size4" x 2.5"Year1952  
Frisco Unused Form BK2 Ticket Book
No. 168160 - To, from or thru the Southeast...
Item: 2010030504B912FEC3CCBB
AffiliationFriscoTypeBook TicketsQuantity6
Size6.5" x 2.75"YearN/A  
GN 1947 Form L 20 Seat Passenger's Check
No. 77929 Seattle (D) Wash. to Vancouver, B.C.
Item: 2009101904ADC90E721EDD
AffiliationGNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.25" x 1.125"Year1947  
Great Northern 1954 Form F-6 Passenger's Coupon
No. 30027 You Go Great When you Go Great Northern
Item: 2009090104A9DEDD440E3A
AffiliationGNTypeBook TicketsQuantity2
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1954  
GN 1954 Form L22 Parlor Car or Seat Passenger's Check
No, 90943 via So. Pac. Portland to San Francisco
Item: 2009090104A9DEBAF38041
AffiliationGNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.25" x 1.5"Year1954  
GN 1959 Unused NCR Form LE Pass Holders Rail Ticket
Unnumbered Sample Ticket from 1959
Item: 2010092804CA29B395BBEE
AffiliationGNTypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6"Year1959  
GN 1961 Unused Form L 12 Limit 6 Months NCR Ticket
Unnumbered C Series Sample Ticket from 1961
Item: 2010092804CA29BC476EB0
AffiliationGNTypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6"Year1961  
GN 1963 Unused Form L 11 Limit 30 Days NCR Ticket
Unnumbered F Series Sample Ticket from 1961
Item: 2010092804CA29C2534768
AffiliationGNTypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6"Year1963  
GN Unused Form S1104 Round Trip Coach Excursion Ticket
No. 3500 - Good Only in Coaches
Item: 2009111204AFCE9FD274E0
AffiliationGNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity55
Size2.75" x 7"YearN/A  
Georgia 1962 Form S 21 Mixed-Class Party Ticket
No. A 6164 - 22 Persions to Newburg, Mo. Cancelled
Item: 2010020704B6F30AE4ACBD
AffiliationGRRTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.875" x 7.75"Year1962  
Canadian National (Grand Trunk Railway) 1955 Trip Pass
No. F 493412 Yarmouth, NS to Moneton, NS
Item: 2009060504A298DF121240
AffiliationGTTypeTrip PassQuantity1
Size4.875" x 2.75"Year1955  
Canadian National (Grand Trunk Railway) 1955 Trip Pass
No. TX 21706 Chicago, Ill. to St. John, NB (OW)
Item: 2009060504A298E3C92376
AffiliationGTTypeTrip PassQuantity1
Size4.875" x 2.75"Year1955  
Grand Trunk 1953 Form 832 Passenger Coupon
No. 13957 - Grand Trunk Railway System, Maple Leaf
Item: 2009122704B38201402600
AffiliationGTWTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1953  
HB&T Railway Unused 1962 Form 6 Sample Book Ticket
No. 10198 - Serving Four Great Railways!
Item: 2010092804CA2559913983
AffiliationHB&TTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1962  
Illinois Central 1961 Form 0050-3 Ticket
No. 93379 - Cancelled Coupon
Item: 2010020304B69B22824301
AffiliationICTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 2.25"Year1961  
Illinois Central 1962 Form 4950-11 Family Exc. Ticket
No. 2099 - Cancelled Coupon - Good for Coach Class
Item: 2010020704B6F2FDCDE6F0
AffiliationICTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6.75"Year1962  
Kansas City Terminal 1965 Form 1 Passenger's Coupon
No. 67131 Service Everywhere from Hart of America
Item: 2012030504F54CF9536D77
AffiliationKCTRTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1965  
Kansas City Terminal 1967 Form 6 Passenger's Coupon
No. 89946 Service Everywhere from Hart of America
Item: 2009110404AF1B64581A43
AffiliationKCTRTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.75"Year1967  
Louisiana & Arkansas (KCS) Form 3 Unused Book Ticket
No. 5025 - Route of the Southern Belle
Item: 2011032204D88C564A48BE
AffiliationL&ATypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.5" x 2.75"YearN/A  
Louisville and Nashville 1961 Form C 71-700f Ticket
No. 293 - Cancelled Coupon, Good only in Coaches
Item: 2010020704B6F32DFF123E
AffiliationL&NTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 6.875"Year1961