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Pullman Rider 1944 SPL. 1001-4M-L44 for BS-11J-11M-B45

Sandwiches, Etc. - Deviled Ham 35 cents

Item: 20140922054204011D35AE
Size5" x 2.625"
Cover ColorCream/Blue
Menu CodeSPL. 1001-4M-L44
Menu TypePullman Menu Riders Inserts
Description1952 Pullman Rider attached to a WWII US Army cover Pullman Service Beverage Menu BS-11J-11M-B45 Advertising: Sandwiches, Etc., Plain or Toasted, Bread and Butter (3 slices) 15c., *Deviled Ham 35c, Toast, Dry or Buttered (2 slices) 20c, *Cheese (with Crackers or Bread) 35c. Manzanilla Olives (8) with Crackers 25c. Hot or Iced Beverages. Coffee or Tea (with Crackers) (in Pot) 30c, Milk (Pint Bottle) 20c, (Pasteurized milk and cream served on this car) Saccharin Served Upon Request, *Rationed Commodity - If supply is exhausted, please ask for substitution. L. C. Armfield, Commissary, Chicago, Pullman Service, SPL. 1001-4M-L44. This riders was printed with blue ink.
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Parent Item

Pullman 1945 Lounge Car Menu (World War II)
Pullman Service (WWII US Army)
Item: 2014091305414C044490C8
AffiliationPullmanTypePullman Railroad Lounge MenusQuantity1
Size12.5" x 10"Year1945  


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