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Pullman 1945 Lounge Car Menu (World War II)

Pullman Service (WWII US Army)

Item: 2014091305414C044490C8
Size12.5" x 10"
Cover ColorIvory/Green
Menu CodeBS-11J-11M-B45
Menu TypePullman Railroad Lounge Menus
DescriptionGreat example of a patriotic Pullman Lounge and Club Car Service Menus from World War II (WWII). This 1944 menu cover features a photograph of a United State Army Scout Car advancing across a bridge (photograph by United State Army Signal Corps). Like almost all railroad menus during the war, both the front and back covers have prominent advertisements for "Buy War Bonds and Stamps." The date code BS-11J-11M-B45 tells us that it was printed in February of 1945. Numerous items were stamped over to indicate they were no longer available due to war time shortages.
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Pullman Rider 1944 SPL. 1001-4M-L44 for BS-11J-11M-B45
Sandwiches, Etc. - Deviled Ham 35 cents
Item: 20140922054204011D35AE
AffiliationPullmanTypePullman Menu Riders InsertsQuantity1
Size5" x 2.625"Year1944  


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