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Union Pacific 1956 Manual for Passenger Traffic

Union Pacific Traffic Department, Omaha, Nebraska

Item: 20140801053DBC5182E38A
Size8.5" x 11" x .875"
Custom CategoryUP Railroad Passenger Manuals
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionWhat an amazing document from the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad Passenger Traffic Department. Simply titled Manual for Passenger Traffic, first issued in 1956 and updated to 4/3/1961. This manual, with over 260 pages was furnished to all UP employees who sold tickets for passenger trains. It covers everything a ticket agent would need to know: reservations; writing out tickets; baggage; dining car meals; coach and pullman reservations (with illustrations of both coach and pullman car diagrams); pullman car assignments for 1959 (with floor plans for each type car); transfers; inter-line tickets; connections in Chicago, and on the West Coast (and Denver); pets on trains; children traveling alone just to name a few topics. This book was originally issued in 1956, with update pages sent out and added at various times. Many additional resources added in the back of the manual include UP flyers with descriptions and pictures for tours to national parks and a Complete List of Sleeping Cars Operating via Union Pacific Railroad No. 54, Revised to October 25, 1959 (includes Pullman line numbers and diagrams).
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