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ACF 1954 How to Travel by Train - Compliments of AAR
A Basic Information Guide for Railroad Travelers
Item: 20090404049D82D68C48B7
AffiliationAARTypePassenger PromotionQuantity1
Size5.75" x 8"Year1954  
Amtrak 1973 On-Board Service Manual
Service Directors, Attendants and Food Specialists
Item: 20090501049FBCCFDA5559
AffiliationAmtrakTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size8.5" x 11"Year1973  
Amtrak 1980 Manual of Service Instructions
For Conventional Equipment Service Manual B
Item: 20090502049FCF98D60F8E
AffiliationAmtrakTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size4" x 6.75"Year1980  
Amtrak 2003 Service Standards Train Service Employees
Original Issue November 1, 2002
Item: 20090502049FCF3913EC35
AffiliationAmtrakTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size8" x 9"Year2003  
Amtrak 2004 Service Standards Train Service Employees
Effective 12:01 am May 3, 2004
Item: 20090502049FCF475F1795
AffiliationAmtrakTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size8" x 9"Year2004  
Amtrak 2005 Service Standards Train Service Employees
Effective 12:01 am March 30, 2005 Version 2.2
Item: 20090502049FCF64A32FD9
AffiliationAmtrakTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size8" x 9"Year2005  
Amtrak Rules & Instructions Governing On Board Service
Undated Manual for Service Employees
Item: 20090502049FCE5933AF91
AffiliationAmtrakTypeDining CarQuantity2
Size4" x 7"YearN/A  
ATSF 1967 Instructions Chair Car Attendants and Porters
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Eastern Lines
Item: 2010021204B75A5BF66937
AffiliationATSFTypeTrain CrewQuantity1
Size4" x 6.25"Year1967  
B&O 1938 Dining Car & Commissary Rules
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
Item: 20090501049FB2263349BD
AffiliationB&OTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.75" x 6"Year1938  
C&O 1956 Dining Car Personnel Manual
No. 198 - Chessie the Cat on the Cover
Item: 20090501049FBCBE775DED
AffiliationC&OTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size9" x 11"Year1956  
CN 1930 Form 1461 Sleeping and Parlor Car Service
Rules and Regulations for Employees
Item: 20090501049FB91D1EC3B0
AffiliationCNTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4" x 6"Year1930  
CN 1961 Standard of Service Meal Service Cars
Sleeping, Dining and Parlor Car Department
Item: 20090501049FB9139AAB3F
AffiliationCNTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.25" x 7.5"Year1961  
CN GTW Instructions for Handling of Rail Transportation
From Passengers Travelling in Sleeping and Parlor
Item: 200902060498CD469E9441
AffiliationCNTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size5" x 9"Year1963  
CP 1920 Standards of Portions, Prices, Service REPRINT
Canadian Pacific
Item: 20090502049FCFA5F5D4BB
AffiliationCPTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.875" x 4.875"Year1920  
Rio Grande 1948 Form 2499 Standard of Service Manual
Employees of The Dining Car Department
Item: 20090501049FBBED78920D
AffiliationD&RGWTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.375" x 6.75"Year1948  
IC 1964 Courtesy and Service Guide
Illinois Central Dining Service Department
Item: 20090501049FB24BAE3201
AffiliationICTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.5" x 7.875"Year1964  
NKP 1949 Instructions for Handling Morse and Teletype
In Stations and Enroute
Item: 2011041404DA782466B911
AffiliationNKPTypeRailroad OperationsQuantity1
Size5.5" x 6"Year1949  
New Haven 1940 Grill Car Instruction Book
Operating Department - Dining Car Service
Item: 2011110104EB0A02C677E6
AffiliationNYNH&HTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.375" x 6.75"Year1940  
PRR Instructions for Stewards and Waiters-In-Charge
July 15, 1939 No. 475
Item: 200812190494C1623E4C97
AffiliationPRRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.25" x 6"Year1939  
PRR 1939 Manual of Instructions for Waiters
No. 1858
Item: 200812180494AEA3208FD7
AffiliationPRRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.625" x 6.75"Year1939  
PRR 1942 Order of the Day: Eliminate Waste!
To PRR Dining Car... Stewards, Waiters-in-Charge
Item: 20090201049860C4BB19C5
AffiliationPRRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.25" x 6.125"Year1942  
PRR 1943 The Men in Uniform say - "many thanks!"
Letters to the Dining Car Department
Item: 2009020104986133EE7C7B
AffiliationPRRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.375" x 8.5"Year1943  
PRR Instructions for Serving Meals to the Armed Forces
July 1, 1944
Item: 200812180494AF6BF5860C
AffiliationPRRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.25" x 6"Year1944  
PRR 1944 Manual of Instructions for Waiters
No. 3157
Item: 200812180494AEC0B0738E
AffiliationPRRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.25" x 6"Year1944  
PRR 1944 Everybody wants to do the RIGHT thing!
Courtesy pays off...
Item: 200902010498612C536A85
AffiliationPRRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size8.5" x 3.375"Year1944