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Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) 1960 Form 4 Passenger's Receipt
No. 4B 86875 - Famous for Good Meals
Item: 2011031904D850B0DDA676
AffiliationB&OTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.25" x 2.75"Year1960  
Chicago Hotel 1960 Form 12 Ticket Passenger's Coupon
No. 8464 - Rail Travel Card Ad on Back of Ticket
Item: 2011032104D88352262C77
AffiliationB&OTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.25" x 2.75"Year1960  
Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) 1962 Form 2 Passenger's Receipt
No. 2C 87514 - Famous for Good Meals
Item: 2012030504F54E2013AC3C
AffiliationB&OTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.25" x 2.75"Year1962  
B&O Dining Car Service Breakfast Menu
A Plesant B&O Tradition
Item: 2010021204B757B3E4374C
AffiliationB&OTypeB&O Railroad Breakfast MenusQuantity1
Size14" x 10"YearN/A  
B&O Good Morning Coffee Doily
This One is On the HOUSE
Item: 20081214049455154B70FA
AffiliationB&OTypeB&O Railroad Paper DoiliesQuantity4
B&O Undated Special Egg Menu
Old Capital Dome Logo B&O R.R. Dining Car Service
Item: 20090410049DF89BD6B4D8
AffiliationB&OTypeB&O Railroad Special MenusQuantity1
Size5.25" x 8"YearN/A  
Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) 119 SPL. Ticket Envelope
Those who know... use the B&O!
Item: 2011011504D326F8D657B7
AffiliationB&OTypeB&O Railroad Ticket EnvelopesQuantity1
Size5.75" x 3.375"YearN/A  
Chicago Hotel Form 2 Unused Book Ticket
No. 85550 A - Rail Travel Card Ad on Rear Cover
Item: 201208130502946C5A6272
AffiliationB&OTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.25" x 2.75"YearN/A  
B&O Form 744-Rev. Train Check
B&O is famous for its good meals...
Item: 200901030495FA9EC9E766
AffiliationB&OTypeConductor FormsQuantity1
Size1.125" x 3.875"YearN/A  
B&O Dining Car Meal Check Guest Receipt
S 763012 - H. O. McABEE, Manager, Baltimore, Md.
Item: 2009122404B3445F05E0F2
AffiliationB&OTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.125" x 2.25"YearN/A  
B&O Form 769 Punch Slip
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.
Item: 200901030495F8CE92049C
AffiliationB&OTypePassenger OperationsQuantity5
Size1.5" x 7"YearN/A  
B&O Cosmo Brass Ticket Dater/Date Stamp Die
Ft. George G. Meade, MD - position 2
Item: 2010090404C8269BCF0CBA
AffiliationB&OTypeRailroad Ticket Dater DiesQuantity1
Size1.5" x 1.5" x .375"YearN/A  
Benefit Association of Railway Employees 1948 Rider
Sugrical Expense Certificate Rider
Item: 20090413049E3BF55D8414
Size10.75" x 8.5"Year1948  
Illinois Bell 1953 TWX ABC's Teletypewriter Booklet
Your TWX Service Adviser OFficial 3-9300 Ext. 3155
Item: 20121225050D9CAAF9D964
AffiliationBell SystemTypeTeletype OperationsQuantity1
Size5.5" x 4.5"Year1953  
Hotel Mississippi 1941 Form 76M-5m, 5, '41 Room Folio
Hotel Mississippi, Davenport, Iowa
Item: 2011032604D8E632B1E6EA
AffiliationBkaclhawkTypeHotel OperationsQuantity1
Size9" x 10"Year1941  
BN Form 78-D 4 RMT - 4 Duplex Sign Rooms - 4 DB Dome
Burlington Northern Railroad Ticketing Diagram
Item: 2012062604FEA7EE09AF5E
AffiliationBNTypeRailroad Reservation DiagramQuantity1
Size3.5" x 12"Year1970  
Burlington Northern Form 1210 Ry. B. Envelope
Overstamped Northern Pacific - St. Paul, Minn.
Item: 20090413049E372F8C9636
AffiliationBNTypeRailroad OperationsQuantity1
Size11.5" x 5"YearN/A  
Braniff Airlines Tiki Leilani Ceramic Mug
Used on Great Pumpkin Orange 747 Flight to Hawaii
Item: 2010011204B4D3BB3A5D17
AffiliationBraniffTypeHawaii TikiQuantity2
Size3" x 5"YearN/A  
Boston Terminal Aurora Ticket Dater/Date Stamp Die
Position 13 - Brass Ticket Validater Die
Item: 2009110404AF1E1559BDC4
AffiliationBTTypeRailroad Ticket Dater DiesQuantity1
Size1.875" x 1.5" x .5"YearN/A  
Aurora Ticket Dater/Date Stamping Validator
Date Range 1940 to 1979 - Used by Boston Terminal
Item: 2010012304B5B5BCE4FF07
AffiliationBTTypeRailroad Ticket DatersQuantity1
Size8" x 3" x 6.5"YearN/A  
Budd Slumbercoach Brochure
Travel in Privacy at low coach prices
Item: 200902050498B6B5F99331
AffiliationBuddTypePassenger PromotionQuantity1
Size3.5" x 6"YearN/A  
Burroughs Ticketeer Unused Souvenir Ticket Stock
Used for demonstration tickets in 1952
Item: 2010120504CFBCA3508D26
AffiliationBurroughsTypeTicketeer System TicketsQuantity1
Size5" x 2"Year1952  
New Haven 1964 GCT Ticketeer NRHS Souvenir Ticket
Issued by (543) The N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Co.
Item: 2010120504CFBD567509C3
AffiliationBurroughsTypeTicketeer System TicketsQuantity1
Size5" x 2"Year1964  
New Haven Unused New London, CT Ticketeer Ticket Stock
Issued by (543) The N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Co.
Item: 2010120504CFBCCEAA8F60
AffiliationBurroughsTypeTicketeer System TicketsQuantity1
Size5" x 2"YearN/A  
C&EI 1959 Unused Form 456 One Way Trip Complete Ticket
Unnumbered Sample Ticket from 1959
Item: 2010092804CA259A606EB8
AffiliationC&EITypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 5.5"Year1959