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Chicago Hotel 1961 Unused Form 20 Complete NCR Ticket
A Series - Ticket Marked Sample
Item: 2010092804CA2570684400
AffiliationChicago HotelsTypeNCR Paper TicketsQuantity1
Size2.75" x 5.75"Year1961  
CN 1930 Form 1461 Sleeping and Parlor Car Service
Rules and Regulations for Employees
Item: 20090501049FB91D1EC3B0
AffiliationCNTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4" x 6"Year1930  
CN 1944 Dining Car Menu for Little Folks (Childrens)
CN Logo with Children in Dining Car
Item: 2008121104941C669EED53
AffiliationCNTypeCN Railroad Children's MenusQuantity1
Size9.25" x 5.875"Year1944  
CN 1947 Form S. 57 Lower Berth Passenger's Check
No. 42195 Halifax, N.S. to Boston, Mass.
Item: 2010072504C4C9ECBDE9F9
AffiliationCNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.25" x 1.375"Year1947  
Canadian National 1954 Form SK-5 Passenger's Receipt
No. 23382 - Great Graphics!
Item: 2010092804CA252E528273
AffiliationCNTypeBook TicketsQuantity1
Size6.25" x 2.625"Year1954  
CN 1955 Form S. 14 J Sleeping Car Passenger's Check
No. 6868 Truno, N.S. to Sydney, N.S. Bedroom
Item: 2009052304A18A75443135
AffiliationCNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.25" x 3.375"Year1955  
CN 1959 Form CNR. 1771-6-1959 Ticket Envelope
Serves all 10 provinces of Canada and 12 US states
Item: 2011012404D3E522B2C776
AffiliationCNTypeCN Railroad Ticket EnvelopesQuantity1
Size6.75" x 3.5"Year1959  
Canadian National 1960 Unused Form 352 General Ticket
No. A 97801 - Unused, but stamped "Sample"
Item: 2010010904B490BC243E26
AffiliationCNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.5" x 10.75"Year1960  
Canadian National 1960 Unused Form 7 C Coach Ticket
No. B 65704 - Unused, but stamped "Sample"
Item: 2010010904B490C9BCBB5C
AffiliationCNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.5" x 8"Year1960  
CN 1961 Standard of Service Meal Service Cars
Sleeping, Dining and Parlor Car Department
Item: 20090501049FB9139AAB3F
AffiliationCNTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size4.25" x 7.5"Year1961  
Canadian National 1961 Unused Form 350 General Ticket
No. A 44125 - Unused, but stamped "Sample"
Item: 2010010904B490B6F1FAE0
AffiliationCNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.5" x 9.5"Year1961  
CN GTW Instructions for Handling of Rail Transportation
From Passengers Travelling in Sleeping and Parlor
Item: 200902060498CD469E9441
AffiliationCNTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size5" x 9"Year1963  
CN 1968 Form 1775 (1-68) Ticket Envelope
Red with Modern CN Logo
Item: 2011012204D3BB2F36C929
AffiliationCNTypeCN Railroad Ticket EnvelopesQuantity1
Size3.625" x 7"Year1968  
CN 1969 Form 1775-B 48-12-425 (11-69) Ticket Envelope
Red with Modern CN Logo
Item: 2011012204D3BB1B3AF8B5
AffiliationCNTypeCN Railroad Ticket EnvelopesQuantity3
Size3.625" x 7"Year1969  
CN Form CN-1484-B 2-73 Call Card English and French
Customer and Catering Services
Item: 2008122304951C61CD4763
AffiliationCNTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size4.5" x 8.5"YearN/A  
Canadian National Form CN 21 Telegram Blank
Railway Service Telegram - Be Brief
Item: 2009053104A234479C3B0E
AffiliationCNTypeRailroad OperationsQuantity1
Size8" x 5.25"YearN/A  
Canadian National Hill's Ticket Dater/Date Stamp Die
C.N.RYS. Abbotsford, Que.
Item: 2010082904C7ACC6DC1671
AffiliationCNTypeRailroad Ticket Dater DiesQuantity1
Size1.5" x 1.5" x .25"YearN/A  
ATSF Hill's Centennial Ticket Dater/Date Stamp Die
Item: 20140517053778D499F64D
AffiliationCNTypeRailroad Ticket Dater DiesQuantity1
Size1.5" x 1.5" x .25"YearN/A  
CN Toronto Cosmo Brass Ticket Dater/Date Stamp Die
Toronto, Ont. (C) - position 4
Item: 20150221054E8A81584AE7
AffiliationCNTypeRailroad Ticket Dater DiesQuantity1
Size1.5" x 1.5" x .375"YearN/A  
Hill's Centennial Ticket Dater/Date Stamping Validator
Date Range 1954 to 1965, Used by Canadian National
Item: 2010082904C7ACCD7EA3B6
AffiliationCNTypeRailroad Ticket DatersQuantity1
Size8" x 3" x 6"YearN/A  
CN Incomplete Sample First Class Ticket St. Johns to NY
No. 3902 Stamped Sample - St. Johns - New York
Item: 2011013004D45BD108AD1E
AffiliationCNTypeStrip TicketsQuantity1
Size2.625" x 7.5"YearN/A  
North Shore Line 1962 Form 8215 To Patrons:
The facilities in this car are for customers...
Item: 20090312049B9D2B22CDDA
AffiliationCNS&MRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.5" x 7.25"Year1962  
North Shore Line September 15, 1962 Schedule of Trains
Route of the Electroliners Chicago - Milwaukee
Item: 2009083104A9C340BD1FC2
AffiliationCNS&MRTypeLocal TimetableQuantity1
Size3.625" x 6.625"Year1962  
North Shore Form M-12 Dining Car Meal Check
Rice Krispies and Coffee .94c
Item: 2008121404945755CCF0C6
AffiliationCNS&MRTypeDining CarQuantity1
Size3.5" x 7.25"YearN/A  
North Shore Food Service Placemat
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway
Item: 2009090204A9EC8C7AF810
AffiliationCNS&MRTypeDining Car OperationsQuantity1
Size14" x 10"YearN/A