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CP Bay of Fundy Steamships 1955 Trip Pass
Canadian Pacific Digby (ow) to Saint John, NB
Item: 2009062704A46A8B7A06AD
AffiliationCPTypePassenger OperationsQuantity1
Size4.875" x 2.75"Year1955  
CP 1962 Empress of Canada Breakfast Menu
The Tall "Penny-farthing" Bicycle... illustration
Item: 2010021204B759C6440CE1
Size6.75" x 10.75"Year1962  
CP 1962 Empress of Canada Dinner Menu
Stephenson's "Rocket" (1829)
Item: 2010021204B759CE6A3ED8
Size17" x 10.5"Year1962  
CP 1962 Empress of Canada Gala Night Dinner Menu
The rich nobleman of the 15th century held feasts
Item: 2010021204B759D895C88F
Size16" x 10"Year1962