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Pullman 1933 Single Sided Small Beverage Menu

Cooling and Refreshing Beverages

Item: 20150729055B947EF3F83A
Size3" x 8.25"
Cover ColorLight Purple
Menu CodeForm 94.88 40M-G3
Menu TypePullman Railroad Lounge Menus
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionPullman Cooling and Refreshing Beverages menu from the post-prohibition era. Printed on a light purple paper with purple ink, this example lists soft drinks and ice cream dishes available for purchase in the lounge cars of various railroads. This menu is in very good shape for it's age, but shows some marks on the back. Pullman menus are generally more difficult to find than other railroad dining car menus. Menu Code Form 94.88 40M-G3 translates to a Form 94.88 menu with 40,000 copies printed in July of 1933. Since this was not long after the March 1933 amendment of the Volstead Act, (known as the Cullen–Harrison Act) that allowed the sale of beer, there is a small paragraph stating "Beer for sale on trains and in States where License is provided and laws and regulations permit."
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