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Pullman Tasty Snacks Rider 1960

Tasty Snacks - Sandwiches and Beverages

Item: 20150223054EBF2E5CA660
Size3" x 4.375"
Cover ColorWhite/Blue
Menu Code1001-5C-F60
Menu TypePullman Menu Riders Inserts
ConditionVery Good
Description1959 Pullman Rider attached to a Pullman Beverage Menu BC-BV-31-Y-3C-J59 from the B&O Railroad's famous name train The Capitol Limited - Advertising: Tasty Snacks - Sandwiches (Plain or Toasted), Imported Sardines 1.00, Sharp Cheddar Cheese with crackers or Sandwich 55c, Deviled Ham 55c, Bread and Butter Tartines 25c. Toast, Dry or Buttered with Marmalade 25c. Bread and Butter 20c. Crackers with Butter 10c. Olives with Crackers 25c. Beverages. Milk (Indv. Container) 25c, Coffee (Pot) 40c, Tea (Pot) 35c Planters Cocktail Salted Peanuts, Individual Vacuum Packed 4 oz. can 40c. Pullman Service, 1001-25C-F59. This riders uses the blue wavy boarder design. Included in the official Pullman Commissary files for Line 1122, lounge car service on the Nickle Plate Road (NKP) Railroad. This was one of a few sample menus provided to the railroad to show what simplified service would look like when the NKP was looking to reduce costs on trains 5 and 6 between Chicago and Cleveland.
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Pullman Tasty Snacks Rider 1960
Tasty Snacks - Sandwiches and Beverages
Item: 20150223054EBF2E5AB685
AffiliationPullmanTypePullman Menu Riders InsertsQuantity3
Size3" x 4.375"Year1960  


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