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Pullman 1959 BF-57 Series Breakfast Menu - Single Sided

Good Morning - Club Breakfast

Item: 20150223054EBECCB8D193
Size6.25" x 10"
Cover ColorWhite/Blue
Menu CodeBF 57 9C F59 BF579CF59
Menu TypePullman Railroad Buffet Menus
DescriptionInteresting example of a 1959 Pullman Service Breakfast Menu. Club Breakfasts (special combination meals) and Breakfast A la Carte are offered. The Menu code of BF-57-9C-F59 shows that 900 (9C) copies of this menu were printed in May of 1959 (F59). This menu was included in the official Pullman Commissary files for Line 1122, lounge car service on the Nickle Plate Road (NKP) Railroad. This was one of a few sample menus provided to the railroad to show what reduced Breakfast service would include when the NKP was looking to reduce costs on trains 5 and 6 between Chicago and Cleveland.
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