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Pullman 1918 USRA Pullman Car Lines Beverages Menu

United States Railroad Administration Pullman WWI

Item: 20140815053EE814CA08E4
Size5" x 7.5"
Cover ColorCream/Red
Menu CodeN. Y. 5 M. 1122 N.Y.5M.1122
Menu TypePullman Railroad Buffet Menus
DescriptionA very rare USRA Pullman menu from 1918. The United States Railroad Administration (USRA) was formed after the United States entered World War I (WWI) and found that the railroads were vital to the war effort. Railroads were divided into East, West and South divisions and sleeping car services was called Pullman Car Lines. While undated, this dates to 1918 since R. F. Butler was the head of the Pullman Commissary from 1918 to 1922 and a name written on the back, seeking comments on the USRA was Wm. G. McAdoo, (the Secretary of the Treasury) was the Director General of the URSA from March to November of 1918. The heading on this menus is: United States Railroad Administration, Director General of Railroads, Pullman Car Lines with a Buy W.S.S. logo in red. The menu code is N. Y.-5-M.-1122
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