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Pullman 1960 Beverage Menu for Lines 2099, 6152 & 6330

Pullman Service (P Logo - Glossy Cover)

Item: 20140628053AF5641E31BB
Size12.75" x 10.25"
Cover ColorCream
Menu CodeB 1 A 32C F60 B1A32CF60
Menu TypePullman Railroad Bev. Menus
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionPullman 1960 Pullman Service B-1 Series Beverages Menu used on lines 2099, 6152 and 6330. This menu was from the files of the Pullman Company Commissary in Chicago. While the exact train served by lines 2099, 6152 & 6330 are not known, it is believed that they were all from the Pennsylvania (PRR) Railroad. It is also stamped June 1. The menu code of B-1-A-32C-F60 shows that 3200 copies were printed as C is printers shorthand for 100.
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Pullman 1960 B-1 Series Beverage Menu
Pullman Service (P Logo - Glossy Cover)
Item: 20160403057012AC53B389
AffiliationPullmanTypePullman Railroad Bev. MenusQuantity1
Size12.75" x 10.25"Year1960  


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