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New Haven 1937 When The Gullivers Travel Brochure

Here's Why they Go New Haven

Item: 2014031805328C2AA63A71
Size4" x 9"
Code3 4 37 50M 343750M
Custom CategoryRailroad Passenger Brochures
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionNew York, New Haven & Hartford (NYNH&H N.Y.N.H.&H.) Railroad 1937 Brochure "Meet the Gullivers" Travel-Wise American Family and Why They Go New Haven. Full of passenger train interior photographs from the late 1930s. Includes a Pullman Lounge, Full Diner during service as well as numerous Coaches and Pullman Sleepers. Trains mentioned include the Yankee Clipper, Merchants Limited, The Owl, and The Comet. Includes a section listing "Where the Gullivers Travel" and talks of Old and New Boston, New York City, The Berkshires, Cap Cod and the rest of New England. A very nice brochure in great condition. 3-4-37-50M
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