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Pullman 1940 Buffet/Lounge Car Menu Capitol Building

The Capitol of the United States, Washington, D.C.

Item: 201403070531A13F9740D0
Size12.5" x 10"
Cover ColorCream
Menu CodeX9Ta 12C K40 X9Ta12CK40
Menu TypePullman Railroad Bev. Menus
DescriptionPullman 1940 Buffet/Lounge and Club Car Service Menu with a picture of the Capitol Building, Washington, DC. Also has a two color flag on the front cover. Listings for Breakfast or Light Lunch, Combination Breakfasts and Sandwiches. Also has a full beverage menu. Very often an "X" at the beginning of the date code (X9Ta-12C-K40) indicated the menu was used on the Pennsylvania (PRR) Railroad. Has some very minor condition issues, with a stain or two on the covers. Pullman started featuring pictures of Washington buildings and monuments on their stock covers for menus in 1940.
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