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Pullman 1956 Beverage Menu - Texas Eagle - Dry States

Pullman Service - Three Musketeers - Glossy

Item: 2014030405316576D842A5
Size12.75" x 10.25"
Cover ColorCream
Menu CodeFB 2 N 160 J56 FB2N160J56
Menu TypePullman Railroad Bev. Menus
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionPullman 1956 Beverage Menu - Three (3) Musketeers Cover, Used on the Missouri Pacific (MP) Lines and Texas and Pacific (T&P) Railway (Railroad) Texas Eagle Streamliner, but only in the "dry" states (that did not permit the sale of Alcohol on trains). The Texas Eagle operated through both "wet" and "dry" states and each train carried two sets of menus, one for each type of state the train was passing through. Instead of beer and liquor, there are ice cream beverages and Fresh Fruit beverages for the passenger. This menu came directly from the Pullman Commissary and has a note clipped to it indicating it was for Line 3708, from Mopac Tex Eagle #1 & #2. Menu Code FB-2-N-160-J56
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