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Pullman 1957 LBV-1 Series Buffet/Light Lunch Menu

Pullman Service (Girl Sleeping in Berth Cover)

Item: 20140120052DDA2745A5C1
Size17" x 11"
Cover ColorBrown
Menu CodeLBV-1-R-8C-F57 LBV-1-S-8C-I57
Menu TypePullman Railroad Buffet Menus
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionPullman 1957 Buffet/Light Lunch Menu with a cover featuring a small girl sleeping with her teddy bear in a comfortable Pullman bed. No indication of which train or railroad this menu was printed for. One of series of glossy stock covers that Pullman used on their buffet menus throughout the 1950s. This is a Pullman Commissary file copy and indicated updates to be made when changing the menu code from LBV-1-R-8C-F57 to LBV-1-S-8C-I57.
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