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Penn Central (PC) August, 1971 Metrolines Magazine

Metrolines Volume 2, No. 25 - August 12-25, 1971

Item: 20130802051FBDB35A225B
Size6" x 9"
Code/FormVol. 2 No. 25 08/12/1971
Paper CategoryPC Railroad Magazines
DescriptionThe Southbound Edition for August 12-25, 1971 of the Penn Central (PC) Railroad Metrolines magazine, used on the Metroliners that ran from New York to Washington, DC. The Penn Central did everything they could to make the Metroliners more like flying than taking the train. This included the Metrolines magazine that was more like an airline on-board magazine. The cover even called it "A useful guide for Metroliner Passengers. This edition actually comes just slightly after Amtrak took over, but the cover still has the old Metroliner logo. Articles include the new Kennedy Center Performing Arts Center; an article on Philadelphia and the three millionth passenger on the Metroliners. A nice map is below the crossword puzzle on the inside back cover.
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