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Pullman 1948 Lounge or Club Car Menu Post World War II

Pullman Service (WWII Your Naval Reserve)

Item: 201303230514E29F6A40F2
Size12.5" x 10"
Cover ColorIvory/Green
Menu CodeBW-136 V 7C-J48
Menu TypePullman Railroad Lounge Menus
DescriptionA post World War II (WWII) Pullman Service Lounge or Club Car Menu from 1948. The menu cover features an official U. S. Navy photograph of an ocean scene with the caption of "Behind the Navy, Behind the Nation, In Peace and War. Your Naval Reserve" Like most railroad Lounge car menus, this example features a variety of drinks, sandwiches, cigars, cigarettes and "Travel and Toilet Requisites." Also included is Valet Service - your trousers pressed for $.50. The 7C in the date code (BW-136 V 7C-J48) tells the reader that only 700 copies of this menu were printed. A few condition issues, as it has been folded twice and has some staining on the front cover. Since this piece was rescued from the official Pullman files, there are two holes punched in the menu.
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