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Pullman 1950 Lounge and Broiler Car Service Menu

Stack of Corn Stalks on Cover

Item: 201302150511E89B561E9B
Size12.5" x 10"
Cover ColorGray
Menu CodeBAC-120 C 77C-J50
Menu TypePullman Railroad Buffet Menus
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionA very unique example of a 1950 Pullman Lounge (Beverage) and Broiler (Buffet) Car Service menu. This hybrid style might be considered another one of the "Missing Link" menus that show the transition from Amrfeld to J. B. Drake and the head of Pullman's Chicago Commissary. This cover was a departure from the stock covers used in the 1930s and 1940s, but the interior was very common during the tenure of the commissary director L.C. Armfield. When Drake (from the same family that started the famous Drake Hotel in Chicago) took over the Pullman Commissary, he used this as a transition to the larger format menus with the glossy covers.
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