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Pullman 1946 Pullman Service Lounge Car Menu

Cover had line drawing of bottle, grapes and glass

Item: 2013012705105C4F00ADBB
Size12.5" x 10"
Cover ColorGreen/Blue
Menu CodeBW-136 O-2C-H46
Menu TypePullman Railroad Lounge Menus
DescriptionA very nice example of a Pullman Lounge car menu from after the end of World War II (WWII) featuring a cover picture of a bottle and a glass next to a bowl of grapes with leaves. A unique line drawing unlike most of the covers from the same period. Like many menus of the time, there is a notice that "Our ceiling prices are in conformance with the provisions of the Emergency Price Control Act as amended 1946." Has standard Lounge and Club Car items and also includes Travel and Toilet Requisites and Valet Services. One insert lists a special tray breakfast for 60 cents.
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Pullman Rider 1946 Spl 1385MB46 Tray Breakfast
Special Tray Breakfast 60c
Item: 2013012705105C6D8A8950
AffiliationPullmanTypePullman Menu Riders InsertsQuantity1
Size4.5" x 3.25"Year1946  


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