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Pullman Buffet/Restaurant Car Menu Spanish and English

The Pullman Company - N de M

Item: 201210030506C699F60DFD
Size14.25" x 11.25"
Cover ColorCream/Brown
Menu Code42-B
Menu TypePullman Railroad Buffet Menus
DescriptionPullman Undated Restaurant Car (Buffet) Service Menu in Spanish and English. Used on Ferrocarriles Nacionales De Mexico (N de M, the Mexican Railroad), this Menu was for the Pullman Mexico operations. Pullman menus are some of the more difficult to find items in the world of railroadiana collecting as Pullman Attendants kept a close watch to make sure they were not removed from the car. While not dated, the 42-B code seems to point to this being a menu produced in 1942. The first peice of evidence is that the name of the General Agent for Pullman printed in the menu does appear in a 1949 issue of The Pullman News. Prices are in "Mexican Currency" and include the 10% federal tax. Using the exchange rate for 1942 (12.759 MXN to 1 USD), the price match exactly or are in line with those found in 1942 menus used in the US.
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