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Pullman Heavyweight Era Brass Smoking Stand with Tray

Three piece brass set with tray and Cigar Ashtray

Item: 2012081205028255F89CBF
Size12.5" x 10.75" x 23.5"
Custom CategoryPullman Operations
DescriptionA very nice example of a Pullman smoking/drink stand with detachable tray and cigar ashtray. The ashtray also has a matchbox holder so the Attendant could place the familiar blue box (book) of matches. Used on heavyweight lounge, club and Parlor cars, this stand could be moved to the customer whenever a drink or Cigar was ordered. These were listed on the Equipment of Car List (Form 91.830) as Stand, Smkg. with Tray. Some corrosion on the 10.75 inch tray, but overall a very nice piece. The first example picture is from a 1930 promotional book for the New Haven's Yankee Clipper. It shows the stand without the tray and only the cigar ashtray attached. A 1927 Parlor Lounge car is shown in the second example picture with two stands, one using a tray and the other without.
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