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Pullman 1934 Buffet Menu New Year Specials

Pullman Specials - New Years Day Holiday Menu

Item: 200801224796631564A5B
Size17" x 11"
Cover ColorCream
Menu Code838-3M-L4
Menu TypePullman Railroad Buffet Menus
ConditionVery Good
DescriptionThis 1934 Pullman Restaurant Car Menu is a unique example of a rare holiday offerings. It features a non-standard 8.5 x 11 inch pre-printed cover without a Pullman marking on the front or rear. Christmas and New Year graphics are included on the inside. The date code of 838-3M-L4 indicates December 1934. No indication on which railroad this menu was used. One of the most unique Pullman Menus in the collection as holiday menus were not widely used.
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